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Misty Isle Bridges, Incorporated

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Behavioral Health Services Focused on the Family

Misty Isle Bridges began as Family Links, a provider of a variety of services to assist families in making change. We still offer home based family counseling and have added Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) and the Kids in Common Program. All of these programs emphasize creating a partnership with families to tailor services to their family's needs.

Misty Isle Bridges, Inc. offers a variety of behavioral health services to assist families and children through changes in their lives. Our primary focus is on assisting the entire family. Our strength based, team delivered approach provides families the opportunities to partner with counselors to develop and move toward the family's goals. These bridges from what is to what can be are defined by the family and it is our agency's commitment to assist families in reaching those goals.

This same approach is utilized within every program offered. Supervision and resources for the staff are also provided in the same team-delivered format. Staff received group, as well as individual supervision, to assist them in meeting the family's needs.

We provide a variety of programs to allow for step-down of services as families progress and change. Most programs are offered in the home and community.

Our Mission

To provide assistance, encouragement and support to families as they change.


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